Eco-driving coach in your car
Eqqo is your in-car eco-coaching app that helps you drive smoothly to save energy, decrease the CO2 emission of your car and reduce the risk of accident.
Mesure your performance
While you drive, you instantly get your smooth driving score (out of 10). You earn points in proportion to this score and to the length of each road you drive in. Follow your eco-driving progress day after day and discover the estimated energy savings you make.
Key features:
Instant score that measures the way you drive using your phone accelerometer and GPS.
Drive quality points earned for each road compared to your best scores.
Daily, weekly, monthly achievements.
Road by road history of your scores.
Energy savings, CO2 emission decrease, and fuel consumption savings.
Privacy policy
Eqqo is a free app. This service is provided at no cost and is intended for use as is.
Eqqo doesn't collect or store any personal data. Eqqo doesn't require any subscription.